No Love: Rappers Who’ve Been Dissed By NBA Players

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Some NBA players are relentless in their approach to rappers. Because they’re able to seamlessly string together a basketball, they feel invincible. They don’t care how big of star you are in other genres, they’ll quickly obliterate you if they find a reason to. Sadly, a few of these entertainers have had their fair share of losses when dealing with these ballers.

Drake with Kobe Bryant

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The NBA Vs. Meek Mill

NBA bashing Meek Mill diss

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The NBA unabashedly battered the life out of Meek Mill after he released his insipid response diss track to Drake. “Wanna Know” was sloppy and dry, to say the least. A few NBA players had no problem speaking their minds on Twitter.

Steph Curry Vs. Soulja Boy

soulja boy 3rd Annual Streamy Awards – Show

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Soulja Boy paid homage to SC when he first released his tribute track, “Steph Curry.” Let’s just say that the Golden State sharpshooter wasn’t impressed.

“I don’t reserve judgment on that one,” said Curry in an interview with Complex. “He had my jersey on in the video. It was pretty interesting. The song has my name in it a lot. It’s not on my playlist, though.”  Ouch.