No Fair Ones: Ricardo Mayorga Slaps Shane Mosley’s Girls Butt

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Shane Mosley’s Girlfriend Gets Disrespected By Ricardo Mayorga

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Like all sports, boxing is a competitive sport. Recently at a press conference for the fight between Ricardo Mayorga and Shane Mosley leading up to a big fight this weekend, things may have gone just a tad bit too far.

Recently, at a press conference while gearing up for the big fight, which takes place this Saturday, Mayorga decided to slap Mosley’s girl on the butt and disrespect her…or did he. It’s alleged that although the slap happened, it was an attempt to hype up the fight and assumably make it seem like their beef, if any, is bigger than what meets the eye.

Shane Mosley or, as many refer to him, Sugar Shane Mosley  has held world titles in three weight divisions, held the IBF lightweight title, Lineal, WBC, WBA (Super) welterweight titles, and Lineal, WBC, WBA (Super), and The Ring magazine’s light-middleweight titles. Additionally, he has fought and defeated some of the most recognizable names in boxing such as Antonio Margarito, Oscar De La Hoya (twice), Fernando Vargas, Ricardo Mayorga amongst others. So in all fairness, just out of respect, even if getting ready to get in the ring, you wouldn’t disrespect a man with so many accomplishments — or would you?

Then again, you have Ricardo Mayorga, who is a former WBA/WBC Welterweight champion and a former WBC light middleweight champion who holds a record of 31-8 with 25 knockouts and 1 draw 1 no contest, which although may not be as impressive as Mosley, is still some great accomplishments.

It also seems like history is repeating itself with this video. It’s actually not the first time the two boxers have tried to get attention by using a butt slapping stunt. Earlier this month Mosley knocked a cigarette out of Mayorga’s mouth. It was less sexual, but appeared to be just as “spontaneous.”

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What are your thoughts on the whole “Publicity Stunt” — did you think it was real or did you know right away it was a stunt?

Check out the full video below, SHARE your thoughts on this puzzling story.

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