Nike Previews Huarache Boots

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We may be in the thick of summer now, but before you know it, we’ll soon sadly be layering up and prepping for the fall and winter months. Considering that the Nike Huarache has been, hands down, this summer’s most popular sneaker releasing in a variety of colorways, designs etc, it’s going to suck to have to put them away. Based on a new preview you may not have to do that!.

Reports have recently surfaced that Nike is planning to repurpose the Huarache and turn them into boots. If in fact true, the Huarache boot lifts the midsole tooling, inner bootie, and heel strap from the original runner and adds winterized protection in the form of a tough leather layer. There will be no more laces, instead the laces will be replaced with a zipper.

Details on if this shoe is, in fact, a real think or just a fan made sneaker have yet to be determined, but if they are real what do you think? Would you cop?

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