'My Idol' The Internets Funniest New Obession

‘My Idol’ The Internets Funniest New Obession

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If you’ve been online lately or paid attention to any of the social networks that you frequent, where sure you’ve seen these weird life-like animated characters pole dancing or doing some strange sh*t, paired with music. Well, you can thank the Chinese appl, My Idol for that. My Idol, is the internet’s newest obsession that basically allows you to superimpoise your face (or whoever) onto an cartoon body and program it to do whatever you want against your favorite song. The only thing is, the app IS NOT in english, it’s in complete Chinese, but none the less has made the trending app list on iTunes. WTF! Check out how the app works here, who know’s you might learn some Chinese trynna figure it out. What are your thoughts on this app? Do you think it’s worth trying to decode Chinese?

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