Meet Uncle Hov: Kids Love Jay Z More Than Your Favorite Rapper

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Jay Z recruits Mack Wilds as his honorary nephew.

jay z tristan wilds roc boys video

Source: Youtube @JayZVevo

In his “Roc Boys” music video from the late 2000’s, Jay recruited Mack Wilds, who was still Tristan Wilds at the time, to be his “nephew.” The way Mack looked at Hov during their meet-up on camera, it was easy to see that Jay is definitely a real-life uncle figure.

Jay reunites with Dame Dash’s daughter, Ava.

Jay Z dame dash daughter ava

Source: Instagram @duskopoppington

Uncle Hov reunited with Dame Dash’s daughter, Ava, in recent years, as the two used to be very close when she was just an infant. It looks like the two still have a special bond, regardless of their busy schedules.

Jay bonds with Madonna’s son.

Jay Z Madonna son

Source: Instagram @madonna

If there’s anyone that can be a great role model to Madonna’s adorable son, it’s Uncle Hov. The rapper showed up to greet him in one of his fancy businessman suits, and the two looked like they could be semi-related.