Meet Gunplay's Alter Ego: Captain Cocaine

Meet Gunplay’s Alter Ego: Captain Cocaine

If you’re not fully familiar with Gunplay’s music, chances are you’re familiar with his personality or his larger than life demeanor. With his fair share of legal troubles, Rick Ross alignment and affinity to Yayo, Gunplay (born as Richard Morales) is truly a unique character. So much that he’s been reimagined as a cartoon character [ad type=’inarticle1′] Recently, Complex and Mass Appeal’s new animated series, Super, which asks rappers to describe what they’d be like if they were superheroes, linked up with Gunplay. For their premier episode, Gunplay sat down to describe his superhero, Captain Cocaine—a hyperactive coke addict with super human strength and speed who drives the Coke mobile and has a sidekick named Madam Molly. [ad type=’inarticle2′] No surprise that Gunplay’s character’s name was Captain Cocaine. Check out the video below and SHARE the video.
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