McDonald's Worker Get A Surprise To The Face

McDonald’s Worker Get A Surprise To The Face

McDonald’s is globally known for their slogan, “We Love To See You Smile” so you would think that if you order something and they don’t have it or stopped serving it that they would try to figure out a solution to “make you smile” right? Not for one Cashier. [ad type=’inarticle1′] Recently at around 3am at an unidentifiable McDonald’s, a drunk customer walks in, assumably coming from a night of partying and drinking, and orders a cheeseburger. Apparently, the McDonald’s stopped serving burgers at that time and instead probably just breakfast, but ol’ drunkie wasn’t trying to hear it. [ad type=’inarticle2′] After a few exchange of words, the drunk customer slaps the shit out of the worker for not honoring his request. Honestly, if I were as drunk as homie and wanted something that wasn’t on the menu, there is no telling exactly what I would’ve done. Check the video out below and SHARE and see if others would do the same as homie did in the video. [youtube clipid=”H71RU4WERfQ” autoplay=”0″]

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