McDonald’s Wants To Keep You Happy All Day

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Mcdonalds plans to sell breakfast all day

Source: Twitter @GMA

No matter what time of day it is, McDonalds’s never disappoints, especially when it comes to breakfast. Unfortunately, often many of us miss the most important meal of the deal because of the early cut off time. While the hash browns and more usually stopped serving at 10:30AM, now McDonald’s has something up their sleeves that will soon change that.

On October 6, in attempts to boost sales from a nasty and downward decline, McDonald’s plans to reboot their menu, by making breakfast an all day thing. Yup, that’s right! No more rushing out the house and trying to make it to the golden arches before 10:30am, because soon dreaming about McDonald’s breakfast all day will be a real thing.

What are your thoughts on McDonald’s extending the breakfast time and adding staples like hotcakes, egg mcmuffins to it’s menu? Do you think it will boost sales?

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