McDonald’s Secret Menu Revealed

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Last week we told you about Chipotle’s secret menu and less than a full week here we are now with the world’s beloved fast food restaurant, McDonald’s secret menu. It’s been a long time rumor on McDonald’s secret menu, but no one could really confirm. It was recently confirmed by a manager in Scotland that the menu does in fact exist and ordering from it is as simple as ordering off the regular menu.

You can order from the ‘Secret Menu’. Just like with any of our sandwiches, you can add, remove or change ingredients by special request. These are called ‘grill orders’ (i.e. Big Mac no pickle).

Items on the secret menu consists of unusual creations we’ve only dreamed about. The Land, Air and Sea Burger is the surf and turf Golden Arches style with a Big Mac, McChicken, and Filet-O-Fish all slammed together. A McGangBang is a McChicken sandwiched within a double cheeseburger—with Big Mac sauce.

It hasn’t been confirmed if anyone has actually been successful in ordering any of these creations, but if your willing to pay for the extra ingredients, we’re sure it should be as easy as 1, 2, 3…

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