Master P Is About To Do Some Serious Prison Time!

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Master P stars as Robert King in the new major film.



According to Variety, Master P is going to star as the former inmate in the upcoming film, Angola 1, 2, & 3. In a statement, he wrote,“This is a very important story to me since I come from New Orleans and my brother [C-Murder] is fighting for his life in Angola for a crime he did not commit. But it is also an important story for the entire African-American community. It has been clear for decades that these men lost their lives to a system that persecuted them because they were black. If they were white, this never could have happened. Their story made me realize that many men imprisoned in Angola may be innocent for the crimes they are accused of.” 

Filming is set to begin on August 15.

master p 2013 BET Experience

Credit: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for BET

Not only is the filming set for August, but proceeds from the film’s grossing will go towards the Angola 3, which includes Robert King, Albert Woodfox, and Herman Wallace’s estate. There’s a lot for Master P fans to look forward to, as he also is working on his own biopic to release sometime in 2017.

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