Los Angeles Laker Nick Young Admits Iggy Azalea Wasn't Feeling Nicki Minaj's BET Award Speech

Los Angeles Laker Nick Young Admits Iggy Azalea Wasn’t Feeling Nicki Minaj’s BET Award Speech

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Laker, Nick Young has told US Magazine that he had to deal with the aftermath from his girlfriend Iggy Azalea after the internet frenzy Nicki Minaj caused during her awards speech at this year’s BET Awards . “Oh man! You know, it is what it is,” Young told reporters at the party this week. “I had to deal with the aftermath when she came home. … When she got home and was going through her phone and hearing all the things and people talking trash about her, you know I had to be there for her. … But you know what, Iggy is doing big things and its scaring a lot of people! He then goes on to tell US Magazine, “She kind of brushed it off!. She don’t let it get to her. She’s number one right now so what can you do when you are at the top right now? Of course they will all come at you!” Hmmm this could be a battle we all want to see….not!

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