KKK Member Spotted Wearing FUBU Sneakers

KKK Member Spotted Wearing FUBU Sneakers

KKKMember_spottedWearing_FuBu sneakers
FUBU is an iconic urban brand founded by a black entrepreneur, Daymond John in 1992. It came about during a time when brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Polo were dominating the urban clothing game, but were being designed by people who weren’t living the same culture or wearing those clothes. In attempts to change that FUBU was created, which stood for clothing For Us, By Us. [ad type=’inarticle1′] Recently, while protesting at a Confederate Flag rally, an alleged KKK member was spotted wearing a pair of FUBU sneakers. When confronted he dismisses it and says he doesn’t care and deflects the statement by telling the camera man his sneakers where probably made by a white man. Again, not sure if this guy is an official KKK member. However, if he is considering what the KKK’s beliefs represents, he should probably do more research when getting dressed. [ad type=’inarticle2′] What do you think about the ol’ red neck homie rocking those throwback FUBU sneakers. Do you think if he knew he would of continued rocking them? Check out the video below and SHARE the story and see what others have to say. [youtube clipid=”WbgRwH7GxUU” autoplay=”0″]

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