Kendrick Lamar’s Surprise Feature on His New Album Will Blow Your Mind

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Kendrick Lamar

Credit: Djansezian/Getty Images

Whenever you have Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys as your parents, you already know their musical genius is implanted in your DNA. It’s only a matter of time for it to trickle down to you genetically. Well, it appears the prodigal son of Swizz Beatz is already causing tremors in the world of music.

Little Egypt is quickly morphing into his dad and achieved an incredible feat last week when it was revealed that he produced on Kendrick Lamar’s Untitled, Unmastered album. Believe it or not, the 5-year-old is a credited producer on K.Dot’s surprise album, as he contributed on “Untitled 07”. He produced the second half of the song and he even lent his vocals for the song.

“This is the best Dad moment everrrrr!!!” said Swizz. “Congrats to my son Egypt for producing his 1st track on this amazing Kendrick Album. he’s only 5yrs old wowwwwwww @aliciakeys look at our lil guy baby. #blessingsonblessings thx #Kendrick for investing in the future !!!” Talk about a proud dad moment. Not a lot of producers can even say they have Kendrick Lamar on their resume, and the five-year-old is now a step ahead of millions in the game. SHARE with your friends