Kanye West Is Making His Campaign By Promising To Give Away…

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Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Kanye loves the people, man. He might be a pompous dude, but he really does care. Despite having a love/hate relationship with the press dating back from his days at L.A.X., Kanye has been really trying to become a better person. The 2020 presidential hopeful is already finding ways to become nicer to the media.

Over the weekend, his sister-in-law Courtney Kardashian revealed Yeezy Boasts 350 and it fared well with the people. “One day, I’ma be able to give y’all all Yeezys… Next year,” the Chi-Town rapper declared to the horde of reporters. When asked if he was sincere in his stance, he responded back by saying: “I got you, 100 percent.”

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