K. Michelle’s Most Shocking Name-Dropping Moments

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Bobby Maze

bobby maze k. michelle ex

Source: Instagram @amwinns

This one can’t be confirmed either, but with all of the drama surrounding her ex-fiancé, Bobby, while on her VH1 reality show, My Life, it seemed like K. Michelle wrote “Not A Little Bit” from her new album about the sports star. The song is all about not wanting anything more to do with an ex, and at the time, K. was trying to cut all ties with the baller.

Lance Stephenson

Lance Stephenson With K.Michelle

Source: Twitter / @CelebsTea

Lance was another ex that was name-dropped on K. Michelle’s “Build A Man” introduction, where she sang, “There was Lance/He wasn’t ready/Oh, so young/Baggage heavy.” The two did, in fact, break up after Lance’s baby mother blasted the singer on social media.

Idris Elba

idris elba 25th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival

Credit: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for PSFF

Idris was the big “one that got away” in K.’s life, and it’s written all over her Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart album. She hints all over the project about an actor that had a baby, and everyone was able to figure out that it was him based on them working together on her musical, as he was the director, and then him having a baby with his girlfriend at the time. She also mentions Idris directly, along with other men, on “These Men” from her latest album, singing, “Then I tried Idris (laughs), and he still can get it, even though he ain’t sh*t.”