It Takes Two: Top Hypemen/Sidekicks Of All-Time

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Every star needs a sidekick, right? Sometimes, a hero can’t do everything on their own. That’s why a trusty sidekick is needed to help things run smoothly. In the case of rap, movies, and sports, sidekicks have always played integral roles in making this run well. Don’t believe us? Find out here.

MTV Spankin New Music Week 2000

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Here Are the Best Hypemen/Sidekicks Of All-Time

Star: Dave Chappelle

Sidekick: Charlie Murphy

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Comedic Duo

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Dave Chappelle reached the apex of his career when he launched his show on Comedy Central. While Dave was the main attraction, his counterpart, Charlie Murphy, proved to be a budding star himself by providing scintillating jokes of his own.