Is Rich Homie Quan’s Career Officially Over?

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Credit: Rachel Murray/Getty Images 

Let’s switch the calendar back all the way to 2012 when a young, exuberant act out of Atlanta delivered an infectious banger for the streets. We’re not talking about Future, T.I., or Young Thug. The boy Rich Homie Quan had the streets and radio on smash with his heater “Type of Way.” The club banger served as Quan’s first record to chart on Billboard and received dozens of co-signs from the likes of JAY Z, Drake, Lil Wayne, and more. That was four years ago. Fans salivated at a possible album from Quan, but were left in the dust because of numerous push backs from the ATLien. Now, it appears that there’s a glimmer of hope as Quan revealed that his long-awaited album is on the way. But, of course, in typical Quan fashion, he will drop a mixtape before he anything.

“Right now, I feel as if it’s time for one more mixtape, just to let the fans know that I haven’t lost it,” RHQ said during an interview with Acton Entertainment. “This mixtape is gonna sound like an album. I can bet every dollar in my pocket that people are gonna be like, ‘Damn, you should have saved this for the album.’”

Now, with RHQ tapping Lil Wayne to executive produce his album alongside Ryan Leslie, you have to wonder what the sound will be for Quan. In addition, you have to wonder if it’s too little, too late. With Future having the south at his fingertips, does RHQ even stand a chance? Does anybody even care if he drops his debut album at this point?

Rich Homie Quan at the PANDORA Discovery Den SXSW on March 19, 2015 in Austin, Texas

Credit: Rachel Murray/Getty Images

What Rich Homie Quan has on his side is the fact that he knows how to pen bangers. It’s effortless for him. All he has to do is breathe life into any hook or chorus, and it’s almost guaranteed to be a smash. Peep his resume: “Type of Way” went Gold. “Walk Thru” went Gold. “Flex” went double-platinum. Rich Homie rarely shoots air balls in the booth. It’s nothing for him to drop a fire track. All we want is for him to actually drop a full-fledge project. Maybe the pressure is getting to him. Maybe he’s worried that he might flop and drop a dud. Those things can impose fear to any new artist. Rich Homie has to take the plunge and give his fans what they want.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, he still hasn’t given us a release date. All we do have are several notable features, but that’s about it. “Lil Wayne will be on there. Jadakiss will be on there. Boosie [Badazz] will be on there. Ashanti will be on there. [The concept of the album is] real-life events,” he told Complexa few months back.

It’s now or never, RHQ. If we go through 2016 without an album, it’s time to consider you washed. SHARE with your friends.