Is Kevin Gates P*$$y Whooped?

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In the rap community, we’ve seen many artists take the next step in their love lives, and actually walk down the aisle with a woman. While many would hope it wouldn’t negatively impact their music, it has for most of them, and that includes Kevin Gates. The rapper got hitched this past year to his sweetheart, but fans have been noticing a shift in him, and some are wondering if it has to do with his new love lifestyle.

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Kevin Gates gets married

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This past year, Kevin Gates married his longtime girlfriend, Shadreka Centuri Haynes, and the two have been happily together since. While it’s still early on in their union, things have seemed to become very different for them both, especially Kevin, who is just picking up a mainstream music career. The question is, however, will this help or hurt his career?

His behavior has changed

#NorfolkVA photo cred: @shotbyspencer #islahtour #islahalbum #BWA #idgt

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Kevin Gates is known to have some pretty outlandish antics, whether it’s on or off stage, or even on his own Instagram page. The rapper has gotten violent, or even just said a lot of controversial statements, but as of lately, he hasn’t been doing too many crazy things on his page. While that’s been great as far as his reputation, it’s also making fans wonder if his woman is keeping him too much in line. A lot of people who came onto Kevin’s fan train are always looking out for what he will do next, and with him having a more so normal career, it could mean he falls off.