Is Jaden Smith Proof Of The New Standard Of The Next Generation?

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This weekend, photos from Jaden Smith’s new spread with Louis Vuitton were released, but it came with some interesting information. Apparently, the son of Will and Jada Smith is modeling for the brand’s womenswear line, where he can be seen alongside multiple female models. He’s even wearing what looks to be like a skirt or kilt-like ensemble. While Jaden is still a straight man, and his sexuality has nothing to do with his fashion selections, it brings up the debate of the evolution of trends.


Credit: Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

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Jaden’s spread

jaden smith louis vuitton

Source: Instagram @FashionWeekNYC

The spread comes as a surprise to some who were expecting to see only females rocking clothes from the womenswear line, but it’s not a surprise to those who are familiar with Jaden Smith. The musician and rapper has always expressed himself with very unique style senses, and even bizarre philosophical tweets.

He has always been unique

jaden smith louis vuitton

Source: Instagram @FashionWeekNYC

In the past, Jaden has worn skirts and extra long shirts, which has been his way of expressing his own style, as his famous parents have explained in the past. Despite the fact that many have tried to set the standard for how men and women should be dressing, it seems as though the future generations that come ahead become more and more open-minded to outside fashions and trends. Jaden is simply setting a new standard for his own generation, allowing anyone to dress how the want, with interests of any sorts.