Is Fetty Wap This Generation’s Peter Gunz? Brah, Please Wrap It Up!

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There’s a huge problem in the African American community when it comes to unprotected sex. Obviously, there’s a myriad of diseases out there that you can expose yourself to, but, in addition to that, you also put yourself at risk for having kids. A lot of rappers and athletes have found themselves in situations where they are fathering 4,5,6,7, kids before 30. Now, we’re not opposed to these guys wanting to have a family, but by different women? Now that’s just downright crazy. While we have to congratulate Fetty Wap on his third child, we have to be mindful that he’s only 24. In addition, this was with someone he was blasting on social media and vehemently denying having any relations with. Is he approaching muddy waters and on the verge of being this generation’s Peter Gunz?

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Is Fetty Wap on His Way to Being This Generation’s Peter Gunz?

Fetty Welcomes His Third Child With ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Masika

Fetty Wap and Masika

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In what appeared to be a turbulent love affair between Fetty Wap and Masika, ended with the two becoming parents to a beautiful baby girl. Initially, Fetty was quick to denounce Masika on social media as he persistently claimed the child wasn’t his. Well, slowly but surely, Fetty came to his senses and obliged to help pay for the expenses of his baby. With Fetty turning 25 this year, and now juggling another baby, you have to hope he doesn’t continue to have babies with women he doesn’t love. Just try to wear a condom, bro.

Don’t Be a Peter Gunz

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We’re sure Peter Gunz is a really nice guy. The only problem with the man is that he doesn’t know how to control his sexual urges  wear a condom. The man has over 10 kids. He plays hopscotch with Amina and Tara because he’s jumping in and out of each woman’s vagina. Apparently, he got Amina pregnant, then Tara, then Amina got an abortion, and got pregnant again? How Sway? Peter loves deep sea diving into the box with no life jacket, and we just don’t understand why.