Is Dolce & Gabbana Stealing From Hip Hop?

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This week, Dolce & Gabbana released the spread for their fashion new campaign, which is a line of hijabs and abayas. The new fashion spread has caused a bit of a controversy, with a lot of intense public opinion coming to forefront, being that it’s being promoted as a fashion trend for all, rather than marketed towards Muslims. This obviously isn’t the first time that fashion trend has come from another cultural influence, as hip hop has also had dipped their hands in a few themselves. The question we ask here is if Dolce & Gabbana are right or wrong to disregard the Muslim women the trend is intended for.

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Hip hop’s Afro-centric era

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We know what you’re thinking. Many will raise an eyebrow at hip hop artists, mostly women, for taking on Afro-centric trends back in the 80’s and 90’s. Female artists like Queen Latifah would sport tons of clothing, accessories, and more that were adopted from African culture, which many used to pay homage to their ancestors or those that they admired who may have been involved.

The irony of the campaign

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The irony of the Dolce & Gabbana campaign trying to make hijabs and abayas into a fashion trend is that these items are not used for stylistic purposes when it comes to Muslim women. In this country, many Muslim women are persecuted for wearing hijabs, as many claim it makes them become more of a target to bias and prejudices. While in the Middle East, women are persecuted if they do not wear their hijabs, being that it can actually be against the law. The purpose of these clothing pieces are to cover up women when they are out in public for the sake of the men. To make this into a fashion trend is a bit more misappropriated than anything.