Intellectual Thug: 7 Times Kevin Gates Shockingly Dropped Knowledge

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A lot of people sleep on the intellect of Kevin Gates. Now, he does has his moments where he deserves to be lambasted for his inappropriate actions. Yes, he’s a petulant hothead, but he also has strands of intelligence in his DNA. For every blunder he has,¬†he manages to band-aid his slip-ups with noteworthy gems. Take a look at some of his better quotes and soak in all of the knowledge.

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Kevin Gates Dropping Knowledge On IG

I’ll say this – often times the wise choice – isn’t the choice that appeases the chooser –

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Kevin Gates On  Grinding

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Anything lost, can be found again, except for time wasted
A vision without action is merely a dream
Action, it’s the grind, it’s the hustle, it’s the persistence