How Was Each Album That Dropped This Week Received?

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This past Friday, four major albums were released after high anticipation was built around all of them. While fans were already prepared with a pre-assumption as to who was going to come out on top, there were also some surprises as far as who was received the best. Some of these projects have been in talks for over a year, while others became news to fans within just the past few months. Either way, it was an incredible weekend for music lovers all around, and there’s something for just about everyone, especially in the hip hop community.

Of course, many were expecting Justin Bieber to come out on top in sales, which we will have to see officially by the end of this week. While his Purpose project was received very well by his stans, and even music critics in general, he wasn’t necessarily the only artist at the center of conversations this weekend. Justin’s album definitely proved his growth as an artist and singer, and fans were ecstatic to see that, being that it was his comeback project following his apologies for his erratic behavior in the last couple of years.

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Jeezy Church In These Streets

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Jeezy has been promoting his Church In These Streets pretty heavily over the past few months, as he announced his next album would be coming within a shorter time period than other artists. Since his announcement, which was met with a letter from him addressing social injustices in this country, he has been releasing throwback videos, participating in marches, and more unique marketing. His album definitely had fans raising eyebrows, being that it had no other rapper features, but he was able to prove that he can still carry his signature sound all by himself. As the Snowman once rapped about the people, “Jeezy on some other sh*t.”

One of the biggest surprises to the music community from this weekend was how sonically amazing Ty Dolla $ign’s Free TC album was. While fans were expecting it to be up to par, a lot of the hip hop community was blown away by not just how catchy the tracks were, but the lyrical content, features, and song concepts that were included. Ty even features a track that includes his brother, TC’s raw vocals, who is currently incarcerated, while the singer harmonizes with him. It’s definitely an album that many have been putting on repeat, as hip hop loves pleasant surprises.

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