Home Cookin': Tyrese Has a Benihanas in His House!

Home Cookin’: Tyrese Has a Benihanas in His House!

Tyrese Benihana
Source: Deadspin
Listen, Tyrese is the real MVP. For one, his Facebook videos always have heartfelt messages within them. If you’re looking for self-improvement, Tyrese Gibson will inject positivity into your life. [ad type=’inarticle1′] Now, sometimes, he does go overboard with certain things, like placing a Benihanas in the backyard of his home. Like, who does that? Tyrese does. [ad type=’inarticle2′] According to Deadspin, Aziz Ansari and The Lonely Boys visited the myth to see if indeed had some credibility to it. Let’s just say, GibisHana is the real thing. [continueReading]
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