Hittman Addresses Dr Dre Fallout In New Verse,"The Humble Hustle"

Hittman Addresses Dr Dre Fallout In New Verse,”The Humble Hustle”

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Rapper  Hittman addresses fallout between him and “The Doc” in a verse slated to drop this month. In a song  titled The Humble Hustle , Hittman  gets a few things to get off of his chest. Hittman is featured  on the song with  rapper/songwriter Asoka and details his involvement with Aftermath Entertainment’s CEO. Here’s a few lines from Hittman’s verse.:
“Spitting for Andre til he said ‘Stop, that’s all I gotta hear’. Then and right there, dreamed of ballin’ and gear  All-in-all an illustrious career  Well, I thought wrong. Thought I was on. Got hella gonged.  Now I’m on Kickstarter pledging like a telethon for project funding Sometimes stepping stones are really blocks for stumbling,  Opting out my contract, was it a smart or dumb thing .The block is mumbling  My hustle’s not a fun thing. It’s stressful and humbling, for real.” 
The Aftermath protege made his claim to fame on Dr Dre’s 2001 classic album , appearing on 10 of the songs off the album. Just in case you forgot, here’s the video for Forgot About Dre, where towards the end, Hittman spits a verse at the 4:15 mark.

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