Hip Hop Saigon's Way

Hip Hop Saigon’s Way

[youtube clipid=”DbD8UveMIOw” autoplay=”0″] Hip hop is not just a form of entertainment or source of income for Saigon, it is everything. Hip hop helped him grow from a boy to a man. The genre inspired Saigon to take more interest in his studies and expand his horizons. It gave him a dream, something to be excited about. It seems as though Hip Hop is woven into the very fabric of his being. To spread the gospel of Hip Hop Saigon has launched a new site, HipHopMyWay.com. It’s a platform “where artists who really believe in the music and really believe in themselves can come get some shine, get some love!” Are you ready to shine? Check out HipHopMyWay, and show us how you do Hip Hop your way.
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