HHMW’s Favorite Plies Moments

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Plies has given us some of our favorite hip hop/R&B bangers over the years, but the Florida rapper is much more than just his music. Instagram has become a major outlet for Plies, who has been providing endless entertainment with his hilarious videos and clips, sharing his thoughts on all kinds of topics. He even sings to Adele, and it’s incredible.

Plies at the BMI Urban Awards at Jazz at Lincoln Center on September 10, 2009

Credit: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Check out our favorite Plies momentsĀ on the following pages.

When he explained what it’s like to wake up naked

Plies Instagram

Source: Instagram @plies

He’s right. It is pretty liberating.

When he called out women for having “cole slaw”

Plies Instagram

Source: Instagram @plies

We apologize to all women everywhere on behalf of Plies, but this is too good.