Here’s What Happened To All Of The Bad Boys On BET’s ‘College Hill’

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‘College Hill’ was one of the wildest shows on BET back in the 2000’s, but since it’s ended, we haven’t heard much from a lot of the men who created tons of drama each season. From Atlanta, to the Virgin Islands, to Miami, there were a lot of bad boys to go around to shake things up in the houses for the cast members. We decided to do some digging to see what happened to the bad boy on the following page.

college hill

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Check what happened to the bad boys of BET’s College Hill on the following pages.

JT – Virgin Islands

JT was the ultimate player on the Virgin Islands season of College Hill. Not only did he get with one of the V.I. girls in the first week, but he had already entered the house with a girlfriend back at home. It was all downhill from there.

JT – Virgin Islands

JT college hill

Source: Facebook @ Ja’ron JayTee Thompson

JT has kept himself very private since the end of the show, but it looks like he is still pursuing his music, having released a mixtape as recently as last year October.