Happy Meal Delight: 12 Fattest NBA Players Of All-Time

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There’s two things that don’t really equate together in sports: food and athleticism. The reason why a lot of athletes lack longevity throughout their careers are because of injuries, lack of competitive fervor, or just pure laziness. What exacerbates those things are unhealthy tendencies. There are a slew of players who succumbed to greed and injuries because of their unhealthy eating habits, especially in the NBA. When players weren’t touching the courts, they were downing milkshakes and pizzas at their earliest conveniences.

Oliver Miller

Credit: Jed Jacobsohn /Allsport

Here are the 12 fattest players to play in the NBA

Khalid El-Amin

Khalid El-Amin #2

Credit: Brian Bahr /Allsport

Peaking Playing Weight…

Khalid El-Amin #2

Credit: Jed Jacobsohn /Allsport