Geriatric Rappers: Should Rappers Retire at a Certain Age? [Op-Ed]

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Should 50 Be the Cut Off Mark?

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50 might be the best cut off mark for rappers. Dr. Dre did surprise us all earlier this summer when he released his album Compton. Sonically, he amazed us all. In terms of his performance on the charts? He debuted at number 2 by selling 295,000 copies. Now, does that mean rappers should push their luck and remain in the game past 50? If you can’t tell, rappers like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, are still well-respected, but have lost their voices among the newer generations. There’s a certain point that you reach as a rapper where you lose touch with your demographic.

Final Word?

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Unlike athletes, rappers can continue to sharpen their lyrical swords and get better with time. As shown by the likes of JAY Z, Eminem, Nas, Dr. Dre, and more, it can certainly be done. But, you have to have a certain fan-base and skill-set to continue to be a formidable threat in the realm of rap.