“Zimbabwe”: The Song That Fueled A Revolution

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How Marley's lyrics freed the people of then-Rhodesia

Bob Marley and The Wailers’ release of “Survival” in 1979 marked a paradigm shift in the theme of their music. This album was a heavily militant ode to the unification of Africa and the people that lived there. One song in particular, “Zimbabwe,” went on to become the unofficial anthem of then-Rhodesian rebels attempting to claim their independence from Britain. The song was the war chant of a people fighting for their freedom and once that freedom was achieved, Bob Marley did something very special for the people of the newly created Zimbabwe…

Read on as we recount the time that Bob Marley paid thousands of dollars, at the peak of his career, to play a concert for Zimbabwe after gaining their independence in 1980.

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Read on to find out how he left his mark...