Young Joc Gets Caught Wearing a Dress and Internet IMPLODES

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Meet me at the ball?

Yung Joc caught a lot of heat after footage of him wearing a dress on the streets of Atlanta made its way around the web. People wondered if Joc had gone soft. Maybe it was just a way to free up his arms for the meanest motorcycle dance you’ve ever seen?

It got to the point that Joc felt the need to address the rumors. He took to Instagram and addressed all the hate, saying that we’ll just have to wait and see why he felt the need to wear a dress down the street.

“I knew the type of backlash that would come from this sh*t, I did,” he said in the video. “Let me address one or two things real quick. For those of y’all that are so quick to call on Illuminati and say I sold my soul, tell me how I sold my soul.”

Joc also took down people who claimed that wearing a dress made him gay.

“Yeah, I f*cked around. Some sh*t had to happen in a situation. I had to man up and put on a f*cking dress,” he said. “Gay what? It’s just a thread. It’s some sh*t a man made. It’s a thread. It’s nothing. If you give me a shield and a spear and put a godd*mn leather belt around my waist then I might look like a motherf*cking Roman.”

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Source: Instagram @akademiks