YG Feared For His Safety and Refused Police Orders After He Was Pulled Over

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YG might have a point.

YG’s distaste for LAPD can only really be matched by his animosity toward Donald Trump. And when you come from where he does, seeing constant harassment even outside of his own likely negative interactions with law enforcement, can you really blame him?

All of that’s a bit of scene-setting for the news that YG got into a tense stand-off with police after they pulled him over on Wednesday (August 9th). Police pulled him over in Burbank, citing his dark tint as a reason for stopping him. They asked him for his license and registration and he refused.

The police followed up the request by asking YG to step out of his car and he flatly refused, giving them a “no” and explaining that he feared for his own safety if he were to step out of the car. Given that he’s shared harrowing tales of police brutality on tracks like “One Time Comin” — he even dedicated that single to victims of violence at the hands of police — it’s easy to see why YG might be a little bit skittish about dealing with local law enforcement.

Backup arrived and after a bit more back-and-forth the rapper finally agreed to exit the vehicle. After he did, it was revealed that he had neither his license nor a registration. He was cited for his tint, driving without ID and not having a license plate.


Credit: Valerie Macon/Getty Images