YG Films Himself Getting Pulled Over… Prepares to Get Shot by Police

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Scary stuff

YG filmed a recent interaction with police to let his fans know what happened to him if things went all the way left. The rapper attempted to show the patrol car behind him and explained that he was being pulled over on the off-chance that the police reacted to him violently.

“I’m gonna tell y’all right now,” he said while angling the phone out of the window, “if I come up shot up you already know what’s going on.”

The “FDT” rapper has previously taken on the topic of police brutality in his music and videos. His music video for “One Time Comin” showed a disparity between rich people’s interactions with police and the average person on the street. The video cut back and forth between YG leading police on a high-speed chase and body cam footage of a man running through backyards in Los Angeles. Things end poorly and ambiguously for the man on foot while YG taunts the police from the roof of his luxury car.

Beyond that video, YG famously donated a dollar of every ticket sale to the victims of police brutality. Basically, YG is initmately familiar with the way that these interactions can go, and he didn’t want anyone else shaping the story.


Source: Instagram @YG