XXXTentacion Rants About His Supposed ‘Fake Suicide’ Post

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The rapper is not happy with people who think he's glorifying suicide.

XXXTentacion is a magnet for controversy. Everything the South Florida rapper does starts a debate. A recent clip that appeared to show him hanging himself is no exception.

The short clip — which looked like X hanging from a noose until he dropped his phone to the ground — sparked concern from fans who thought he might have broadcasted his suicide. Once it was revealed that the singer was alive and well, the post was pooh-poohed as irresponsible by people who worried that the video might encourage fans to kill themselves. Others worried that X was glorifying suicide as a publicity stunt, an idea that pushed the young rapper to respond.

“If you thought I would ‘pretend’ to kill myself for a publicity stunt you’re f*cking stupid,” he said in an Instagram post. The clapback captioned a video of some raw footage from a music video shoot, showing that the controversial post was teaser footage from the upcoming video.

He posted a longer message to his Instagram story which was snapshotted by fans and shared on social media.

“Damn n*gga-, I’m not gonna lie I’m pissed off as f*ck.” he wrote. “I couldn’t even surprise you guys cause I was scared someone would hurt themselves, and my feelings hurt as f*ck, do you all really think I could kill myself and show that to the kids? You don’t think I have more dignity than that? Sh*t makes me not even want to make music anymore, not allowed to be an artist it seems.”

According to Complex, the rapper posted further explanation of the video to Twitter before deleting those tweets. He said the scene with the noose around his neck is part of a larger slavery theme in the video.

XXX has a reason to be upset that people would think he’s trying to glamorize suicide. A close friend of his killed herself recently, which he used as inspiration for the strange acoustic track “Garette’s Revenge.”


Source: Instagram @xtentacionn