Wyclef Jean Recalls How a Funeral Helped Squash His Beef With LL Cool J

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Wyclef talks beef in a new interview

Wyclef Jean is dropping The Carnival III, the long-awaited follow-up to The Carnival II and the completion of a trilogy of albums each 10 years apart. The former Fugee talked to HipHopDX about what it’s like to put out a new album with a crew of producers who were children when the first album came out.

“We started The Carnival III, that’s all done,” he said. “It’s coming out September 15. Everybody that got The Carnival I, ‘Gone Til November;’ The Carnival II, ‘The Sweetest Girl.’ The Carnival III, what makes this special is the nation of producers. For example, the Young Thug record (‘Wyclef’), the producer is Super Mario. He probably was listening to The Carnival when he was seven. So he’s in the studio with Uncle Clef, put the two frequencies together and you get a record that’s called ‘Fela Kuti.’ Then you got another young crew called The Knox. They come in … ‘Uncle Clef we trying to create ‘Stayin’ Alive’ we wanna beat that.’ So we put the frequencies together and come up with a record called ‘What Happened To Love?’ This is 1997 meets 2017.”

The singer and one-time presidential candidate said that he’s updated this latest iteration of The Carnival for the YouTube generation.

“Everyone that’s a fan of The Carnival, y’all know I be doing the crazy voices in the skits. So with The Carnival III, the generation that my daughter is, [it] is a visual one, so we brought the characters out. In the first video, ‘What Happened To Love?’ I play the four characters. I play Wyclef. I play Carnival Clef. Carnival Clef, you know, he drive Uber. And then we have Boom Bap Clef. He got the fro, he’s about the cannabis and everything is one word. ‘Facts. True.’ And then we have Permy Clef. He’s the egomaniac, a pimp, the one with all the ladies, still dipped in Versace. We go through all different things, so I show all aspects of myself. Different things and different stages you go through.”


Source: Instagram @wyclefjean