World’s Worst Thief Gets Tied up by Construction Workers Until Cops Arrive

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This is a whole new level of citizen's arrest.

The world’s worst thief found himself on the shameful end of a citizen’s arrest in Downtown Charlotte this week. After construction workers saw the man looking through one of the worker’s trucks, they snagged him and tied him to the scaffolding with materials they had at hand.

The workers secured his left leg to the scaffolding using tape, tied his right leg to a bar with a rope and tied a rope around his waist to keep him even more secure. In a video shot by a passerby, the workers can be seen tying the thief to the scaffolding. Two men hold his hands back as a third secures him to the scaffolding.

Confusingly, the thief accuses the construction worker of robbing him.

“You got my Js and my wallet, man,” he yells at the workers.

“We got to hold you for the police, you not going to break in my sh*t yo,” the man holding his arms responds.

“I wasn’t breaking into it,” he says before being cut off by an unconvinced worker.

“You was in my truck,” he shouts incredulously.

“I wasn’t in there I was just checking it out,” the thief responds.

The police seemed to side with the workers. A later video shows the workers unwrapping his leg while an officer holds him in place.

Commenters on the video as it spread around the web backed up the workers’ impromptu arrest.

“Folks don’t realize most times ur company don’t supply all of ur tools just like if u were a auto mechanic,got a come with ur own,” said one commenter, explaining why they might react so strongly to a potential thief.

“True that, people don’t realize tools get expensive,” said another. “Esp when you talking about impacts, air compressors, other things most people forget about.”

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