Whale Tailing Chick Wants the D But This Dude is NOT Letting Her Have It

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This guy fights off the world's most persistent woman

There’s no telling how things got to this point. There’s no knowing what weird succession of events led to these two people standing in the middle of the street and doing these things. It’s hard to say how any series of events could Rube Goldberg their way into a man and a woman fighting in the street while she holds on to his genitals and attempts to rip his clothes off and rob his pockets.

But here we are.

The woman keeps a death grip on his more sensitive areas throughout the clip and while it’s being shared around the web as an attempt to fight off a woman who was attempting to rape him, the reach for the pockets and the way that the pair are fighting seems to tell a whole different story…


Source: WorldStarHipHop