Was Jody Breeze Arrested For A Shooting In A Mall?

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Dat boy had a glock?

Former Bad Boy rapper Jody Breeze was allegedly arrested in connection with a shooting in an Atlanta area mall. Several outlests are reporting that the one-time member of Bad Boy South’s group Boyz N Da Hood was arrested while trying to flee the scene on foot.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he was allegedly part of two groups of people arguing in Atlanta’s West End Mall. Witnesses told the paper that the argument appeared to stem from a drug deal gone awry. Authorities believe the dispute was also gang-related because witnesses say the men started yelling out rival gang affiliations.

The two groups left the mall and when the second one stepped outside, the first group to leave began firing on them from a white SUV. The two groups exchanged gunfire in which two men and one woman, who was not involved, where shot. One of the male victims was shot in the head, but all three victims survived the incident.

“We believe that the people that were involved were specific targets,” Atlanta Police Department Sgt. Warren Pickard said. “They had a misunderstanding that led to gunfire.”

“There was a subject with a bag. What was in the bag, we don’t know,” Pickard said. “They were arguing over the bag. They identified themselves as rival gang members. Somehow the incident escalated outside of the mall.”

This might seem like a sad end to a once-promising career. However, there’s a bit of a twist. The shooting that many of the articles are referencing today occurred all the way back in May 2017, and Jody Breeze appears to be every bit a free man.

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