Vivica A. Fox Drops Major Details on Her Relationship With 50 Cent, Says She’d Take Him Back!

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Viv said she'd tale Fif back!

Vivica A. Fox revealed a few details about her past relationship with 50 cent on the show Sisters Circle this week. The starlet revealed that the way Fif acted behind closed doors is different from both his petty online persona and the gritty, tough guy act he put on wax.

Fox said that 50 was a traditional man and she didn’t know how to deal with a man who wanted to do things for her:

“He was young and it was new. I think I was at a new part of my career as well. And he was just so romantic and so kind. He’s very old fashioned. And I wish I knew now how to treat a man like that then what I knew then. Because I thought when we were dating younger that he wanted a partner and what he really wanted was to take care of me and I didn’t know that.”

Fox said that she was pushing to give as much as the rapper because she didn’t know how to be catered to. She explained that she was uncomfortable “letting him be the man and take care of [her].” She continued that Fif is “very old-fashioned” and “very romantic.”

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Source: Instagram @50cent/@msvfox