Usher’s Accuser Slams Lil Duval After He Calls Her Fat

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This got real really quick.

Lil Duval is saying things on the internet again, but at least this time, he (kind of) has the defense that he was merely protecting his family. The comedian — who recently caused a bit of controversy when he said he would kill a trans woman if they didn’t disclose that they were born male — kicked off the whole beef when he said that he didn’t believe the woman who accused Usher of giving her an STD.

Remarking on her weight on Twitter, Duval said, “I’ll believe Usher gay before I believe he f*cked that girl.” He then tweeted out a photo of accuser Quantasia Sharpton with the caption: “I refuse to believe Usher f*cked this.”

Sharpton had several thoughts about it on Instagram.

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Source: Instagram @balleralert

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