Usher Accuser Threatens to Release VIDEO of That Fateful Night

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She has receipts, y'all

UPDATE: Simpson’s lawyer Lisa Bloom has claimed that her client was confused and that no sex tape exists between the pair. This iscertainly a shot to the rest of Simpson’s case. Read on to see the original story.

Quantasia Simpson — the woman who is suing Usher for allegedly knowingly giving her an STD — claims that she has video proof that the pair had intercourse. Though Usher denies ever having relations with her, Simpson claimed she’s holding on to a bit of a smoking gun in an interview with YouTuber Miss Jacob Kohinoor.

“I actually have videos,” she said, when Kohinoor refused to believe her accusations. “Do you have videos of you two, you and Usher having s*x?” the host asked, incredulously.“I’m not sure if I’m obligated to say that, but yes,” she said.

The host then turned on Simpson, asking why she would hold onto videos of herself and Usher having relations.

“Why would you keep videos like that?” she asked.Simpson said that the videos aren’t particularly special, she just has a phone with a large amount of storage and doesn’t delete anything from her phone.

“I have things in my phone that date back all the way to 2013. I keep everything in my phone. I don’t delete nothing,” she explained. While the host remained skeptical, Simpson continued to plead her case.

“This is why I kept saying ‘People lie, but video don’t,’” she said. “This is why I said that in the beginning. That’s why nobody can say nothing to me about this whole situation. Lisa [Bloom] is a lawyer. She’s been through cases. She did the Bill Cosby whatever. You think if there was no evidence, she would even take my case?”

The host continued to question the motives involved, saying that the high-profile attorney is hungry for celebrity status. “She’s representing someone know who’s dealing with R. Kelly,” Kohinoor said. “She’s [looking for fame] in the urban community.”

Kohinoor also asked Simpson if she would ever come forward with the videos and Simpson responded that she would not.“I highly doubt it. That’s just taking it a little bit too far,” she said. “The people in court will see it. But I don’t think I will ever put it on social media because that’s just taking it to a whole ‘nother level. I’m not a porn star.”

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Source: YouTube @TMZ