Uncle Murda Clowns Son for Accidentally Sending Him Embarrassing Sext

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Prepare for some heavy secondhand embarrassment

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever sent by mistake? A poorly worded email? A trash-talking message accidentally sent to the target? Well, Uncle Murda’s son has you all beat. He sent a message to his pops asking if he could do something good for his lady friend and had to do some Hanna-Barbera bongo levels of backpedaling.

“Wait, dad. That wasn’t for you,” he wrote. “That was for my girl and no I don’t do that. I was just playing with her and texted you by accident. My bad, pops.”

“Let’s just act like that ain’t just happen,” he pleaded. “My bad.”

“Aww man,” the rapper responded.

“Pops, it’s not like that,” his red-faced son said.

“Yes it is. Don’t front now,” his dad said.

And, obviously, that was just the beginning…

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