Tyrese Shoves TF Out of Female Fan Who Rushed Him on Stage

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Don't step on Tyrese's stage

A note to all the sweet ladies out there, Tyrese considers the stage to be his.

One fan learned that the hard way when she attempted to charge the movie star and R&B singer during a recent concert. She put her arms out for a hug and he promptly hit her with a shove, all of which was captured on fan-shot video.

Security got there a few seconds after Tyrese put the lineman moves on her and promptly carted her off the stage, but that had to hurt less than being rejected by your favorite singer so openly.

Then again, there’s a good argument to be made that this superfan should have known better than to come after Tyrese like that. He’s been on a bit of a downward slope for a hot minute and fans have definitely noticed.

Credit: FOX via YouTube/Wendy Williams