Tyrese Gibson’s Mental Breakdown?

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What's really wrong with Tyrese?

Singer-actor Tyrese Gibson stepped on the scene in a 1994 Coca Cola commercial and hasn’t gone away since. I’m sure if you’re in your mid to late 30s or older you remember the dark skinned, bald headed guy stepping on a public bus with headphones on singing “Always Coca Cola.” Well, that fresh faced kid would go on to have a stellar career in music as well as film and television.

It was actually 1998 when a 19-year-old Tyrese signed to RCA records and released his debut album Tyrese which spawned hits like “Nobody Else,” “Lately,” and “Sweet Lady.” The last of those would go on to be nominated for a Grammy and help the album gain certified platinum status. Sounds like a pretty good start to a music career, huh?

He wasn’t done there, though. He would release a slew of successful albums and become a force to reckon with on the R&B scene for years to come.


Source: Instagram @tyrese