Tyga Takes Another Shot At Cash Money

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Tyga isn't done piling on Cash Money

Tyga was one of the many artists who didn’t get paid under the umbrella of Cash Money. Everyone up to and including Lil Wayne got stiffed by Birdman’s label and many of them have gone on record to talk about the fact that they were stiffed. Tyga has jumped back on the dogpile to sh*t-talk Cash Money yet again.

“Cash money never paid me but ya boy still madeeeee Cash Money,” Tyga said in a recent Instagram post. The accompanying video shows Tyga performing his diss track “Cash Money” at a show in Cannes, France. That song takes on his former label and their horrible management.

“Somebody must have heard me when I prayed, cause I’m paid cash money,” he rapped. “Cash Money never paid me but your boy did his thing. Still make cash money.”

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Credit: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images