Breaking! Tupac Shakur’s Final Words Revealed By First Responder

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Tupac's final words were true to form

It’s been 21 years to the day since Tupac Shakur was gunned down on the Las Vegas strip. Sadly, we’re still no closer to identifying his killer. After hearing the story of the first police officer to respond to the shooting, Tupac likely could have made the search a little easier… had he not used his last words the way that he did.

Then-seargent Chris Carroll was working the bike patrol in the area of the MGM Grand Casino when he got the report that shots had been fired. Carroll said he crossed paths with the convoy that contained the shooters and saw them zip away. He then came upon Suge’s car as it wrecked and ordered the men who were piling out of the car to lay on the ground. He was still unsure if this was the car that had done the shooting until he spotted the bullet holes in the door and saw Shakur in the passenger seat.

Tupac and wife Keisha

Source: Facebook @Tupacalypse Shakur