Tupac’s Estate Being Sued by “Bury Me a G” Singer for Unpaid Royalties

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The world of Tupac — his workhorse mentality, his vault of work and the sheer amount of life he lived in 27 years on Earth — leads to some very odd stories leaking out from time to time. In the face of all that, a contract dispute seems pretty mundane. But that’s exactly what we have going on right now with R&B singer Natasha Walker.

Given the scope of Tupac’s reach and the amount of people who had to be involved for Tupac to make as much work as he did, it’s a little surprising that you don’t hear about people coming for a slice of the late legend more often. Kudos to Pac’s lawyers for that one. But Walker says they made a pretty egregious oversight when it comes to his track “Bury Me A G.”

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Source: Instagram @tupac.is.forever