Trippie Redd Gets in Fierce Gang Fight at Day N Night Festival

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Trippie Redd is not one to be trifled with.

The Day N Night Festival was mostly a positive experience for Ohio up-and-comer Trippie Redd. Even a casual look at the huge crowd that he pulled at the Anaheim-based fest shows that Trippie is on to something. But everything wasn’t kosher after the set, as a fan-shot video revealed.

In the clip that’s making the rounds, it looks like Trippie got the better of the random person who decided to get up in his face. He knocks the kid down and lands some solid blows to the side of the kid’s head before other people swoop in and seem to end the fight.

However, another video shows Trippie on the ground, and he only seems to get free when his people pull away the other scrapper. Trippie also posted a video of himself later where it’s clear that he took a shot to the chin, but he seemed to be in good spirits. He also hinted that the fight might have been gang-related.

“I swear I’m blooded up, Bs,” he said. “Never throwing up Cs.” “N*ggas be b*tches, for real,” added his friend. “They’ll get their ass whupped.” “Clowns,” Trippie concluded. “Clowns!”

The rapper posted a version of the fight to his Twitter and issued a warning. “Stop Trying me while I’m trying to work to blessed to go out sad,” he wrote. Following that, the rapper wanted to talk about the positive aspects of Day N Night. He posted two videos of the crowd he drew to a smaller stage at the festival.

“Day n Night this the day stage by the way so let’s just end this on that note. 1400/800,” he wrote under the video of hundreds of fans mashing.

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Source: Instagram @TrippieRedd