Trick Daddy Says Trina Was Way Nastier Than Lil Kim, More Ghetto Than Foxy Brown

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He has a point

Anyone who is paying attention knows that Trina is the baddest… but it helps when people other than Trina say it.

And that thesis is exactly what Trick Daddy floated in a new interview with DJ Vlad. Granted the Slip N Slide honcho and long-time collaborator with the “Pull Over” rapper might be a bit biased, but he still thinks that Trina was rawer and nastier than any of the other foul-mouthed femcees of her era…

“Trina was saying the things way worse than Kim did it. Lil Kim did it with class. Trina did it from right here. ‘F-ck bout five or six friends.’ One of my favorite artists Foxy she never was that ghetto girl that be in my mind because she finessed the mic so well. Trina just did it a whole different way. To every man, every girl wanted to be Trina, and every man wanted to be with Trina. If Trina was a Kardashian, she’d be the richest Kardashian.”

We’ll respect Trick’s opinion on who’s ghetto and who ain’t. After all, he’s a self-professed thug. But we might need a bit more proof that Trina is more nasty than Lil Kim.

Luckily, we have just the thing…

trick daddy and trina

Source: Instagram @trickdaddydollars